Does sleep affect pain?

The quality of your sleep can affect pain intensity quite dramatically. If you are experiencing pain consider experimenting with the following: 1. Body temperature. Being able to grade the amount of bedding using blankets can ensure you get the temperature right.

2. A completely dark bedroom. Blocking out any chinks of light around curtains/blinds will help your internal body clock prepare for sleep.

3. Number of hours. Most people suffering pain tend to need more sleep, but others can find deliberate deprivation will help their pain. 4. Your body clock. Consider retiring at an earlier or later time. Apps which monitor your sleep cycle maybe helpful here. eg. 'AutoSleep'. 4. Napping during the day. More than 20 minutes tends not to be helpful. 5. Rumination (ie. churning over thoughts trying to find solutions) is highly problematic. Distraction can work. Reading (non-stimulating fiction best) or visualizing your 'happy place'. Other techniques require a more in-depth explanation which we can help you with. 6. Severe insomnia can be safely treated with a range of non-addictive medicines. Ask your doctor if it's appropriate for your situation.

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