Headaches can arise from a number of factors, including poor posture and stiffness in the neck joints and muscles. This type of headache is called a Cervicogenic headache and has the following features:

· Pain over or behind the eye or radiating from the back of the head to the forehead.

· Headache that is on 1 side, of moderate intensity, and not pulsing or throbbing in nature.

· The headache can be brought on with sustained or unusual postures, and may be reproduced with palpation of the upper neck joints or muscles.

· Restricted range of neck movements.

Cervicogenic headache responds well to Physiotherapy treatment which may include joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage, dry needling and postural exercises.

If you are suffering headaches our trained Physiotherapists are able to fully assess the contributing factors, and screen to exclude more serious causes of headache.

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