Shin Splints

Do you have pain in the front of your shins with running or activity?

You may have heard of the term "Shin splints", but not really know what that means.

More accurately pain in this area is called Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, and is caused by inflammed muscles and tendons along the medial or inner border if the tibia where they attach.

Pain can be sharp with activity, limiting the ability to carry out training, or dull and throbbing after activity.

The affected area can be tender to palpation, and a raised or thickened lump may also be noticable.

Factors leading to the development of Shin Splints include:

Repetitive activity such as running, football or soccer.

Changes in training load- increased duration, frequency or intensity of training.

Changes in footwear- worn out running shoes that offer less support and cushioning can be a factor.

Changes in the running or training surface.

In a small number of cases tibial stress fracture or compartment syndrome may also need to be excluded with further investigstions.


Treatment involves relative rest from the aggrevating activity and substitution with lower impact exercise such as swimming, exercise bike or cross trainer.

Anti-inflammatory medication can be useful initially as can ice to reduce the local inflammation.

Supportive taping of the muscles can also reduce pain.

Biomecanical factors need to be assessed , such as the arch of the foot, and orthotics or more supportive footware may be required.

Finally once the acute pain has settled, a graduated return to the aggrevating activity is needed to prevent a re-occurance.

If you are experiencing pain in the shins with activity speak to on of our team to get you back on track as soon possible.

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