What is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is treatment using fine sterile stainless steel needles at sites of muscle tightness. These sites are palpated by the Physiotherapist as trigger points, or tight muscle bands, that can contribute to local and referred pain, as well as altered sensation.

What are the Benefits ?

Dry needling can reduce mild- moderate muscular pain and tightness. By easing trigger points, flexibility and range of movement can improve. This can assist with exercise rehabilitation and return to function. For these reasons Dry needling can be used to treat sports injuries, muscle pain and tightness, headaches and chronic pain.

Are there side effects?

Mild side effects following treatment can include:

Temporary local tenderness/ ache post treatment

Mild bruising

Fatigue or drowsiness

Is it suitable for everyone?

Potential precautions or contraindications for Dry needling include:



Patients taking anticoagulants or medication for hypertension.

Past history of Rheumatic fever

For more information or to book with our Friendly Physiotherapists who are trained in Dry Needling call the clinic on 9859 5585 or book online.

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